Hi guys! You can call me Miyo or Jess ^^

Life's been chaotic but I'm trying to stay positive. Luckily I found a part-time job so I have at least some type of income coming in. And this time it's not a temporary job!

IIn my spare time, I find myself mainly playing NEVER ENDING EVENTS on my mobage's OTL. It's like one event after another! If I'm not doing that, I'm probably lazying around on my bed or reading some manga/webtoons here and there. I've become a HUGE fan of Genshin Impact so I've been playing that a lot on my iPad xD *Husbando Zhongli~~~* And occasionally I would try find time to watch anime and play my Switch (currently trying to play Pokemon Brilliant Diamon).

I'm also considering to start streaming on Twitch soon! Probably my gameplays of Genshin Impact, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, etc.

Anywho, the following are some extra info if you want to know more about me! ^

Favorite Anime & Manga/Webcomic

• BNHA • YOI • IDOLiSH7 • Touken Ranbu • Aoharu x Kikanjuu • KNB • Haikyuu! • KHR • Fruits Basket
I really need to catch up on anime to see what new anime I like

(Mostly BL Manga) • Honto Yajuu •Eto Irokoi Zoushi •Finder Series •Royal Servant • Love is an Illusion! • Kuroneko Kareshi Series • Katekyo! • Otokogokoro Series • Any Naduki Koujima BL Manga • Erotic & Romantic • Mangaka to Yakuza • The Maid and the Vampire • Age Matters • Let's Play


Feel Free to add; my name is usually Jeskuh, KimiyoCake, or Miyo:
• Ayakashi: Romance Reborn 4042943946897
•Uta no Prince Sama Shining Live JP 924739205/EN 101314255
• IDOLiSH7 091398340
• Love Live JP 114713015/EN 619029568
• Love Live ALL STARS JP 710 610 393/EN 412 380 719
• A3! 792384971/
• Anidol Colors 8894264

Also, I used to play lots of Voltage stories/games? (basically Love365). If you are a fan of any of the stories, It'd be nice to chat with another fellow fan :) I haven't been able to read as much since I've been busy with events, but when I do, I tend to binge read xD